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Book Ends: Putting First things First September 22, 2008

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Well everyone, I am  participating in writing a monthly article for our Homeschool Group at Springs of Grace Baptist Church.  There are four of us writing encouraging articles on Monday’s with each of us having one week.  I am the last of the month hence the title Book Ends and will mainly be reviewing and recommending books.   I will post on here the ones that I write and ones from the others when they really hit me.  Here is my first post.

Hello ladies,
I think I have officially met most of you already. If we have not met
just look in the crowd and find the loudest, most Cajun woman and that
will be me. I have really enjoyed the past weeks encouragements as I
know you all have.

My week for monthly encouragement is titled “Book Ends.” It is the
last one of the month and I will mostly be reviewing and recommending
books for us as homeschoolers, mothers, wives, and parents. I pray
that the things I say would help to encourage you and that God would
be honored and Glorified in them.

There are so many wonderful books available these days. Books on
parenting, books on being a better wife and mother, books on teaching
and books on learning. There are internet sites to buy cheap books
and there are Christian book stores a plenty. But on this, my first
post I thought I should put first things first.

While all those books are helpful and insightful, we must ALWAYS
remember to put the most important book first. We can have every home
school resource and book available but if we as the mother and
teacher, are not filling our hearts with the Word of God first, then
all those other things will not succeed.

Ladies we all struggle with the balancing act. How can we be all
things to everyone in 24 hours? The only way is if we begin the day
with a supernatural filling of the Spirit of God. When I was a youth
I remember a simple illustration that really made quiet times come
alive to me.

If you take a simple mason jar and a golf ball. The jar is our day
and the golf ball our quiet time. If you put the ball into the jar,
and then you pour sand and rocks (all the things we do in the day) to
the top of the jar then you can screw the top on and the day is done.
But if you pour the sand and rocks into the jar, then put the golf
ball in at the end, it does not fit and the top will not close.

A simple illustration but so true. If we do not begin each day in the
Word of God and in prayer with him the day will not fall into place.
We must remember, God is not a cherry on top of our already full lives
and schedules. He needs to be our center and our schedules and lives
must branch from that.

How can we teach without time with the Great Teacher? I encourage you
each to try to begin each day with quiet alone time with God.
Remember, it may take sacrifice, the Proverbs 31 woman rose while it
was still dark. Rise before your children and have your time with him
and when you children’s feet hit the ground, you will be full of
Christ and ready for whatever the enemy will fire at you that day.

I look forward to spending more time with you all and getting to know
you all more. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this
group. Remember this may be the Book Ends but you have Put First
Things First.

Have a great week!

In Christ,