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Fear Not November 4, 2008

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Fear Notlion-in-field

The enemy is here and he is prowling like a lion,

He is circling the saints and trying to keep their minds off zion.

The lies, the fear, the worry and the discontent of him

Causing even saints to feel they can not win.

Why do we believe the lies and the hate he spreads,

Specks of doubt and fear tremble in our heads.

Our Savior has already conquered over him

Yet we live as if we are imprisoned by all the worlds sin.

This earthly ground we tread is not our home sweet home

It is merely a place to bring him Glory on his throne.

If we are walking in the Spirit his pouncing will not reach us

We are covered with the blood of the Lamb around us it encompasses.

We need not lower our heads in defeat today or any other,

My God is on the throne and he is still the Heavenly Father.

He has not walked away or turned his head from our pleas

But we can not see the plan that he can see.

He is Sovereign over all things and this will work for good as well

Even when around us the world seems to be headed to hell.

The enemy is roaring and he seems to be closing in…

But I have read the book you see, and I know who will win.


Set a Guard October 1, 2008

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Psalms 141:3

3 Set a guard over my mouth, O LORD;
keep watch over the door of my lips.

Set a Guard over my Mouth oh Lord I pray,

Let your spirit guide every word I say.

When I aim for MY way or for it to prove,

May you shut it closed or my body move.

Lord, I truly want to serve you best

But I want my words in them to invest

Sometimes I think I can convince them Lord

Sometimes shutting up is just so hard.

God, my heart has good intent

If just my mouth closed a bit

I need to remember that YOU will stir men

It is not my place to always point sin.

Lord, thank you for the passion you have laid in my heart

For your saving grace which has given me, a fresh start

But tomorrow as I meet quietly with you

Set a guard over my mouth, I really need you to.

written by: Me… Big Mouth..


September 16, 2008

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As I watch you sleeping

As I watch you sleeping I see the innocence in each breath

The trust, the security in each movement of your chest.

As I watch you sleeping I remember the first time our eyes met,

Your soul staring me in the face as holding you I wept.

As I watch you sleeping I pray the Lord is drawing you

Unto himself even now that he may get Glory in all you do.

As I watch you sleeping, I want to keep you safe

I want to heal all the hurts and all the pain in life that you will face.

As I watch you sleeping, I pray that God will make

Me the mom I need to be and example of his face.

As I watch you sleeping, I wish for you to know

How God loved you so much his son he did bestow.

As I watch you sleeping, I know that God will lead

As we honor him in raising you and over your heart plead.

As I watch you sleeping, I wonder what you will become

Fighting fires or changing tires or bringing Souls to the One.

As I watch you sleeping, I trust in God’s sovereign plan

He knows every hair on your head and He will get Glory from all man

As I watch you sleeping and your eyes blinking with dreams,

I am awestruck at your Perfection and My soul through my eyes beam.

As I watch you sleeping I know the years are passing by

Soon you will mature and grow and we will be seperated by miles.

So as time allows in my heart each cherished memory I am keeping,

And remember every hope-filled thought and prayer while you were sleeping.

Written by Dani


Ode to a Dirty House September 14, 2008

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Oh house how lovely you are to me,

From your lofty granduer for the world to see.

Your walls envelope me all around

Your roof a hat to sleep so sound

Yet inside your walls so grand and tall

The dirt and scum to me do call

Hand prints and spilled milk all over your face

Keeping up with the messes the true “Amazing Race”

I wash you and clean you and I make you smell nice

I get down on my knees to clean spills more than twice.

Your floor is a battlefield of toy soldiers and knights

Cleanliness avoids you even with all my might.

I would love to honor and keep you so pure

But they would only dirty you once more

So I clean and reclean and then clean again

Maybe a little while it will make you grin

But then just like a never ending dream

The mess appears to cover your beams

Once again I try to vacuum and mop

Of your messes I can never stay atop.

Oh dear sweet house your shelter I admire

But some days to you I would like to set fire

Cleanliness is next to Godliness they say

But some days I want to just run away.

written by Me (Dani) aka Queen of the Dirty House