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Take from one mouth to feed another…. What??? January 29, 2009

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I have already blogged today and I did not plan on blogging again… Until…. I received the following email.

My office just got word today that our new President Elect Obama has

proposed a plan to cut military health care benefits! This is great news for

the 99.9% Veterans and Active Duty members who are currently using health

care benefits. The Congressional Budget Office has made public a proposal

stating that Veterans (you know the men and women who have fought in wars

and spent 20 plus years in the service) are now going to be paying upto 50%

of their medical bill. Thats a big jump from paying nothing for the past 30

some odd years.
The biggest kicker is Active Duty Military (yep, I said Active Duty) will

now be paying 10% of their total bill. They will now be billed for their

kids visiting the doctor. Again, a big jump from being free! 

Another benefit subject to change is VA medical benefits. Everyone who is

receiving a benefit from the VA for a service related injury will have to be

re-assessed and the proposal states this will affect "90% of vets

VA benefits and will save the government $53 Billion dollars over 10


Needless to say, today is the first time I have heard from the few Obama

supporters in my office say "if this gets passed they will not continue to

be a supporter". 

Isn't this the candidate that just a few months ago was preaching to get

health care coverage too ALL! Isn't it ironic and moronic to steal $53

Billion from vets and active duty military families so the Crack Head down

the street will receive free medical coverage.

Here are some links to article.






Feel free to Google if you're in dis-belief

Let’s see if we can get this straight.  So the veterans of the military, those who served at least 20 years, will go from paying nothing to paying 50% of their medical expenses.  Those of us inside the military now, will be paying 10%.

10% of what I ask?  We already pay 20% after we meet a $500 deductible.  So now we will pay 30% of the medical care that is usually of poor quality and lower standards and 0 accountability.  Yep, did you know that.. If a military doctor is negligent, there is no recourse.  You can not sue the government that you work for.  Now while I do not agree with frivolous and malicious lawsuits, I do believe that the option forces doctors to ALWAYS do their best.  Talk to anyone who has spent more than 4 years in the military, with a family, and they will most likely agree that we have a poor quality of care.

Wait care.. That is when we can actually receive care.. See the military insurance program is called Tri-Care.  The military members have affectionately renamed it … Tri-To-Get-Care.  On our base, appointments are virtually impossible.  You could go days and wait to be seen.  Oh.. But in order to go to Quick Care or the ER you must first have their approval.  Let me give you one such example.  About 3 years ago, I was stung by a scorpion in my kitchen on base.  I immediately had some sort of allergic reaction.  I called the 24 hour nurse lady for our insurance who then put me on hold for 30 minutes… Now, lets use some common sense.  If you are a nurse and I call you about being stung or bitten and now experiencing itching, shakes, throat swelling are you going to put me on HOLD.  NO!

So, in essence, in order for everyone else to have universal health care, those of us who already have care will lose it?  I heard news stories about Michelle Obama’s project being the military family and now they are taking from the very people she was suppose to be helping.  These retirees, some of them disabled, can not afford to pay a penny more.  And once more, they should not be required to do so.

Let’s take this out of the military spectrum for a moment.  Let’s say you work for a company for 30 years.  You went to work everyday at 8:00 and came home about 6:00.  You worked hard the entire time you were there.  You paid into your retirement and paid for your medical benefits.  Now lets say you retire.  You sign a contract of what you are walking away with.  Then 10 years into your retirement, they tell you.. We changed our minds.  You will now have to pay your own medical costs.  You would say that is absurd.  It is a legally binding contract!

I say, these brave retirees, have signed their contracts with blood!  They have given weeks, months, and years away from their families.  They have sacrificed far more than the average 8-6 worker.  They paid into their retirement and medical by taking so little a salary for many many years.

I know that I am more than a little bias on this one due to being a military wife.  I realize that my opinion is tainted with emotional interest in this subject.  But I know what WE sacrifice.  My husband could make at least 4 times as much as a civilian.  He would love to be home at night to have dinner at the table.  He would love to coach t-ball and pee-wee football with our boys.  He would love to have enough money to actually buy me flowers just because.  He would love to be have holidays at home and vacations.  But he is loyal to his country.  He believes in duty, honor, and freedom!  He believes that some must sacrifice for the greater good of all.  But my question is…. Why is the military ALWAYS the only ones to Sacrifice!

I read a transcript of where some of the proposed stimulus package would be spent and I was frustrated further.  I wonder if America knows that most military members are barely feeding their families.  These are not people who drive extravagant vehicles or own expensive homes.  They live in base housing with white walls and cramped space.  They buy just enough to make it until the next pay check.  Meanwhile, our stimulus will increase the Food stamp wages by 13% to keep up with rising food prices.  Where is our increase to keep up.

I am blessed to live in this country.  I am blessed to be married to someone who CHOOSES to defend it.  I am not whining about our life but I am fed up with the mistreatment and abuse of sacrifice!

Not everyone can serve.  Not everyone can fight on a battlefield but pretty much everyone can pick up a phone!  If you want to fight for the men and women who have fought for you then you have got to call your elected officials and stop this nonsense!

No matter where your political affections may be, this is an American issue!  military


More on the Attributes of God January 15, 2009

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So a friend and I are still working on our Attributes of God (AW Tozer) book and study guide.  Each chapter I read I become more and more aware of how much we (Christians collectively) have cheapened our Savior.  Our finite and small human minds can not even fathom the greatness and the vastness of our God!

One example of this would be God’s justice.  We like to picture him as a judge doling out judgement.  But that is such a human way to look at God.  God does not perform justice… HE IS JUSTICE.  It is not an action but a state of being!  WOW.

This book has really helped me to view myself in light of how Christ views me.  It has shined new light into the idea of how small I really am and how BIG he really is!

Tozer and I may not agree on everything theologically, but for the most part, I am thankful for the way God has used this book in my life.  The spirit speaks any time we seek with the right motives.  The Word of God is living and breathing and although my friend and I also differ sometimes in theology, God’s word still speaks to each of us in the place he needs to reach us most.

So far we have studied God’s infinitude, immensity, Goodness, Justice, and Mercy.  And we still have 5 more chapters to go.  How dare I possibly place this God into my tiny little box.  Wow, How Awesome you Are O, Lord!!!!

*** On a side note… I plan to do a more reformed study (AW Pink)  of the same subject next.  I hope to get as much on this topic as possible from many different perspectives.. One can never learn too much of our God!****


Have you been “good” this year? December 6, 2008

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I know that the Santa thing is a touchy subject.  I also know that some people will read this blog and feel attacked regardless of how lightly I tread on the topic.  In our home we do not do Santa.  Our youngest son Logan (3), does not even know who Santa is.  He calls him a snowman.  There are many reasons for this but that is a topic for another post.  Today I wanted to explore something that I thought about the other day. 

It is no secret that our churches are losing members upon graduation from high school.  Kids brought up in church are not very likely to attend after high school.  I am not real sure on the number but I think it is like 80% of kids leave the church.  That is staggering.  It is also no secret that if you look at most “youth groups” today they will look identical to the world.  The girls will be half dressed and the guys will be after one thing.  They listen to Britney and watch the OC or whatever the new teenage soap opera is today.  They participate in casual dating and often times, casual sex just as their non christian counter parts.  How is it that they can attend youth retreats and conferences and come back full of fire and then return to the pit of worldliness the next Monday morning? 

So I wanted to do a correlation for us to see exactly what the “harmless” Santa truly is teaching our kids. 

Have you been a good girl or boy this year?  Wow, sounds a little works based that Santa does.  But beyond that, doesn’t Santa bring gifts regardless.  I mean have you ever heard of a parent not bring Santa presents for their children because they were too bad?  No.  Families say that you have to be good but then they give presents regardless.  Here is the lesson taught here….

Santa has a list and checks it twice to see who was good or bad.  But really it does not matter because I will get something from him anyway.  Sound familiar to anyone???? No.  Then how about our teenagers thinking they can act however they want and still get to heaven.  The “sinners prayer” has become their Santa.  All these kids are required to do is repeat a prayer and then act any way they choose and still get a reward of heaven. 

Why are young adults leaving the church?  Because all they know is Church.  They have a Santa -Jesus mentality.    They are being filled with feel good psychology and give me something mister theology and are never being told the TRUTH!  They are being given a false sense of what Christianity is really is. 

Just as Christmas has become about what presents we are getting.  We have turned Christianity into the same thing.  We have taught young adults that all they have to do is to pray a prayer and then receive heaven.  Its all about what God can do for them.  Its all about how he will help them and how he will do this or that for them.   Then just like Santa, they will get all these presents whether or not they are good. 

This is so very sad.  How this holiday has so badly tarnished our Christ.  Christmas is actually the complete opposite of that.  Christ gave up everything he had.  His place in the Holy Heavenly places to be born into a manger.  Christmas is a day to celebrate the birth of that precious sacrifice.  It is about what it costs not about what we get.    In fact the Christian walk is the same.  It is about dying to self and pursuing holiness not about what our God will give us if we obey him.  Whether you are in heaven or hell will you still worship him? 

Which Jesus are we teaching our children about.  Which Christmas, Which Christianity?  Whether or not you perpetuate the Santa Claus myth in your home, are you still perpetuating the myth of the Santa type Jesus?  We have got to put an end to this madness.  Just today, I heard a preacher on television say the little repititious sinners prayer and then told people to go read John if they prayed it.   I say we need to teaching our youth to read a little more 1John and find a REAL JESUS!


Mercy came running…. December 4, 2008

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Just a quick thought for today.  Today, during Bible lesson in homeschool, our title was “What it Means to be a Sinner.”  They were using Adam and Eve as the basis of the lesson as it was a follow up to the previous lesson on sin entering the world.  But as I was talking about the lesson, something really stood out. 

God said if they ate of the fruit of the tree, they would surely die.  But they did not die (physically that is).  They are severely punished for their sin against him, but they did not die the second they ate.  At the very beginning of the bible, the love and mercy of our God and creator is already showing. 

God does love that which he creates.  We focus much attention to the New Testament mercy and grace story but what about the Mercy and Grace our God has shown for his creation from the very, very beginnng. 

One of the questions we discussed said, ” why were Adam and Eve afraid of God?”  Aaron answered..”because they knew they would be punished.”  Is that why we are afraid of God?  hmmmm.

We sin and we hide.  But why do we hide?  Are we ashamed because of the fear of punishment?  The fear of death?  Or are we ashamed because we sinned against a Holy God?  And better yet, as Christians, have we taken for granted the Mercy of the Cross.  Are we truly grieved when we hurt our God and Maker. 

I hope that I NEVER lose sight of the fact that any sin is against a Holy God.  “Your sins have hid his face from you.”  Isaiah 59:2.


Already dreading saying goodbye… December 1, 2008

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goodbyeWell Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I must say I handled it surprisingly well, emotionally, that is.  I have never missed Thanksgiving with my parents and the gnawing at my brain that I would not be present at next years gathering was weighing heavy on my heart.  Now as Christmas time approaches, this all seems so very real.

Those of you who know me, know I am not a big traveler.  “My country tis of thee..” that is my motto.  I have never really held large dreams or aspirations to see other countries.  Part of me is excited at what England has to offer us but it is a pretty small part of me.

I have had my mind wrapped up in getting things done and have not really spent a great deal of time mulling over all this.  But this, this is where the rubber meets the road.  Will I practice what I preach?  Will I have the faith it will require to leave everything I have ever known?

We talk about submission so cavalierly.  We say that we must “Submit to our husbands.”  But do we really mean that.  Sure it is easy to submit over choices for dinner or whether or not a child should be allowed to go over to a friends house but can we REALLY submit in the BIG things.  The life altering things.  And when I say submit, I mean to do it with, as I tell my children, “The right heart attitude.”

Oh sure, I will pack my family and I will go to England but will I go with a smile in my heart.  Will I go rejoicing?  Do I really trust that submitting to my husband is the essence of submitting to my heavenly father?  Do I really believe that he is in control here?

I have been extremely blessed to have a loving  Christian family and I have also been blessed with phenomenal Christian friends that have become family.  To walk into a new country (secular one at that), with differing religious labels and differing culture and no one is a scary thought.

This truly is when we see if I truly rely on Christ.  He will be sustainer.  He will be my father my friend and my strength.  When my children are homesick and my own heart is broken he will have to pour his love out of me and into them.  He will have to be the translator of cultures, the leader of the blind into his church and the helper to the helpless.

I know my God will meet all my needs but I am already dreading saying goodbye.  Saying goodbye to family and to friends.  Leaving behind my security and my comfort zone.

Lord grant me the strength to walk away from these treasures in my life.  Remind me of your purpose for me and of my calling to thee to merely submit.  Restore the JOY of my salvation and help me to rejoice even in moments I do not clearly understand.  Father, I am weak and “prone to wander” and I need you to grasp me and hold my face unto your own.  Neither let me look right or left but only unto you.


I am thankful for… (Day 2) November 26, 2008

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My amazement and wonder at the salvation of Christ is by far the most important thing in my life.  However there are other things that top my list.  One of these is my heritage of Christ.

Now, I have a legacy of love.  I was blessed to be born into a family of love and Christianity.  My parents have been married for 35+ years and they are still very much in love.  Both my maternal and paternal (passed away) grandparents were never divorced.  Inside my mothers large family of 5 girls there is no divorce.  I come from a long line of commitment, honor, and love.

I have been blessed with a grandmother who rocked each grandkid singing hymns over them.  A mother who fervently prayed over and for her children to this very day.  A father that worked very hard to provide for us and served diligently at church.  I always knew that my parents would be together and they would be serving the Lord.

It was not until I moved up here to North La. and was surrounded on a military base by such diverse peoples that I realized the blessing of my heritage.  The security that I grew up with is pretty much unheard of.  Our home was one of love and of tradition.  We always knew love and we always knew what would happen in a given moment.  I always knew what was expected of me.  I always knew that I was special.

My dad is a Godly man who serves the Lord and the church.  He always led prayer in our home and always led devotion times.  He was a tough critic on my many beaus.  My dad worked at times 3 jobs to provide money to buy dresses for special occasions for us.  Yet he always, always had time to shoot some hoops in the front yard or to practice softball with us.  We always had special time even if it was snuggling up on the couch on Sunday afternoon to watch the Saints lose again.  Even as an adult, we would talk on the phone every day or so.  We talk about nothing but to me it is the most important conversations of my life.  I am so thankful for the example he set for us but also the security in knowing that to this day, at 32 years old and many many extra pounds, I can still sit on his lap.  I am thankful for being daddy’s little girl.

My mom is the example of a woman after God’s own heart.  She has ALWAYS sought to honor him in her rearing of us.  She ALWAYS wanted us to know how special we are to her and to God.  She has spent MANY hours on her knees in prayer over me (and boy did I give her reason).  She moved her business taking less money to our home in order to be with us.  She always did special, out of no where things with us.  Being checked out of school on our birthdays for lunches or a picnic on the floor of the living room on a random day of the week.  She taught me how to be a mother.  She taught me how to love my children.  She taught me how to care for my home and my husband.  She taught me how to honor my husband.  But above all that, she taught me the Power of Prayer and she taught me humility.  She has never claimed to be a perfect mother but I can tell you the look of perfection.. It is when your mother comes to you, asking forgiveness for mistakes she made as a parent.  That is not only humility but it is wisdom and sincerity.

I have been blessed with two wonderful Christian parents.  They were not perfect but they were perfect for me.  They brought me, sometimes drug me, to church every time the doors were open and then some.  But they gave to me a home that honors Christ, a place of love, comfort and security.

Now that I have my own children, I pray that I can continue that heritage.  I pray that my children see me living out the calling of Christ.  I pray that they may some day look upon their lives and see Christ through every detail.  I pray that he may continue to bless my marriage that they may continue to see love and security in our lives as well.

So I am thankful for my heritage of Christ.  A home centered on Christ and a place where love abounds.  A warm cooked Cajun meal, conversations, and fun are great but the security and peace are priceless.


Playing around with words November 25, 2008

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T-is for the truth, the way and the lifethanksgiving-cross

H- is for Holy one

A-is for Annointed one

N- is for Nails that saved my soul

K- is for King of Kings

S- Savior

G- Good Shepherd

I- Innocent sacrifice

V- Verdict of innocence he proclaimed on me

I- I AM!

N- New Mercies he shows everyday

G- Glorious God!