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I would I could post of picture of security June 25, 2009

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I know that many of my few readers are waiting anxiously for pictures but today I have none to share.  If I could place a picture of all my Savior has done for me then I would, but there is no greater picture than that of the cross which could ever describe my indebtedness to the Lord.

Isaiah 33:5-6 (Contemporary English Version)

5You, LORD, are above all others,

and you live in the heavens.

You have brought justice

and fairness to Jerusalem;

6you are the foundation

on which we stand today.

You always save us and give

true wisdom and knowledge.

Nothing means more to us [a] than obeying you.

This is not the typical version of scripture that I read or use but in this verse its wording was so appropriate.  There is no way that my feeble mind could ever explain to you how the Lord has sustained me.  Moving my family overseas has been a difficult journey.  Moments of insecurity and moments of adversity.  BUT GOD!  I have been blessed with such a peaceful spirit!

There are many days in which I begin to doubt and just as quickly as the thoughts arise, they are washed away with the promise of his faithfulness.  He has indeed been my Strong tower!  He is my Refuge and my Strength.  I deserve nothing from him.  Through him I was created and through him I draw each and every breath.  I do not dare presume he owe me his protection, his wisdom, his comfort, or his strength and yet he provides it.  All to God be the Glory!  In myself, I would have fallen.  In myself I would have given up.  In myself I would have crumbled and been broken over the loss of friends and family.  In Christ, I am abundantly and exceedingly happy in the opportunity given me.

God is doing a new thing!  And I am only along for the ride.  I seek only to grow in Holiness and likeness to him.  He has not only placed me here, but also has provided me with all that I need to continue my life in pursuit of bringing Glory unto him.  Why do I ever doubt his faithfulness?  Why do I ever doubt his power?

I stand Amazed in the Presence!  How Awesome and Mighty you are Lord!  I am so unworthy of the your Grace and Mercy!  I humbly seek to serve you and I adoringly thank you for all you are to me!


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