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A day trip to Bury May 5, 2009

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Well I wanted to share our tripy St. Edmunds. Located a mere 15 minutes from us, I am constantly surprised by the vast amount of beauty and history that surrounds us. The pictures I will share can not possibly describe to you the beauty encompassed in these garden walls.  From perfectly manicured tulip patches to striped lawns all amid ruins of the original Abbey of 1530.  Each step is more breathtaking than the one before it.

I wonder often times what the Christians of yore would think of our corporate worship structures today.  In the name of “change” have we changed more than architecture and design.  When I look at the majesty and grandeur of these old buildings, the detailed brush strokes the intricate carvings, I wonder if our view of our God has somehow gotten smaller and less grand just as our buildings. 

Today we worry more about comfortable seating, offering gymnasiums and multi functional buildings.  We want to entertain, appease, and keep happy the people.  Have we lost the grandness of God along with the Grandness of buildings.  Do we still view that Majestic, High and Lofty God from our comfy pews?  I look at these buildings and I see them reaching the skies, trying to touch the heavens.  Do we want to reach God that badly?

Well here are a couple of pics… There are not as many as I would like because my camera was not cooperating but enjoy.

Oh, for more history of this area, you can google Abbey St Edmunds in Bury St. Edmunds



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  1. SusanM Says:

    Absolutely fantastic!

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