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Mysterious things… March 13, 2009

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Its really amazing when you move out of a home all the discoveries that await you.  Those socks you were certain had been swallowed up by the clothes dryer or that one puzzle piece that alluded you for years.  But most intriguing to me is the mysterious liquid under my refridgerator drawers that is now sticky goo.  I never saw a leaky bowl or cup or pitcher, and the shelves are mysterious liquidless.  Somehow though, at the very bottom underneath, the goo resides.  Another great thing is the plethora of things I had once thought lost that have been found.  And upon recollection vaguely remember taking them from the mouth of a 2 year old and placing them out of his reach only to forget where I placed them.  Oh the joys of moving.  I wonder with the itty bitty tiny houses of England, “will their even be room for things to be lost?”


One Response to “Mysterious things…”

  1. SusanM Says:

    I haven’t been over here to your blog in a while, and this morning I came and read your latest posts. My heart feels 2 things as I read~ heavy because I know the emotion of leaving a place you deeply love to go to a new place God has called you (although not nearly as far and across the ocean as England) AND such refreshment in reading about your confidence in God as your joy and strength.

    Thanks for refreshing me this morning.

    I pray that your time with family in the coming days will be rich and good!

    I also can’t wait to read your updates and blog entries about England!!

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