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The countdown continues… March 9, 2009

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Today is very frantic.  As I race against the clock to get it all accomplished, the battle wages on.  The accuser is trying to slow me with feelings and thoughts of worthlessness and inability to succeed.  I have often times said one of my favorite things in the bible is when a passage begins with “but God.”  In fact, right now, that is what I need.. A “but God” moment.  I can not But God can.  I am weak but God is strong!  I am stressed but God is the Prince of Peace.  I am tired but God is my fortress.

I found this poem on the internet when I was looking up some verses.  I thought I would share it because it really was what I needed right now.  Enjoy.. And remember.. But God!

True Rest

My dear child, I know you’re weary
With nothing left to give.
You’ve worked long and hard
Now you feel frayed and worn.

Come with Me to a quiet place
Away from all the noise and busyness.
Let Me wrap My arms around you,
Enfold you in My love.

Let Me whisper peace to your heart’s storm,
Soothe your troubled brow.
Listen to the love song
I composed just for you.

In Me is true contentment.
In Me you will find what you long for.
Come with Me to a quiet place
And receive rest, strength, and peace.

–Submitted by About.com member, Margie Casteel


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