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Preparing for the big move March 3, 2009

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Well the time is quickly approaching.  This small town cajun gal is heading to England.  In just one week, the first group of movers will be here to begin packing up our things.  We have known about this move since October and somehow it all starting really happening only within the last couple of weeks.  Now, I feel as though there are not enough hours in a day.

The fleshly part of me wants to run home to momma screaming “I don’t want to go.”  But the Joy of the Lord is my Strength!  I am constantly battling my flesh in this situation but as always, God has given me Grace and Peace in each moment of weakness.  There are very small parts of me that are excited about what is ahead for us in England but the deceiver is constantly overrunning those thoughts with thoughts of fear and trepidation.

So for today I must remember that the Lord knit me together in my mothers womb.  He knew me before I was me.  Why would I place my trust in myself to get through all this.  “I” can not but “God” can!  He is rock and my stronghold!  He is my Strong Tower.   When I am afraid I will trust in him.  When I am weak I must rest in his faithfulness!  When I am worried I must swim in his peace!

These past 2 years, my God has become so real and so true to me.  I know him in a way that I never thought possible.  I am assured that what he has begun in me will be finished!  He is calling me to something and somewhere that I am unsure but because of it, I will be forced to depend on HIM!  He did not explain himself to Abraham when he told him to sacrifice his son and yet Abraham was willing.  Why do I feel the need to see what lies ahead… I do not need to see the plan, I need only to trust him and he will lead the way.

Well that is my rant for tonight.  I will try to keep everyone posted on what is going on.  Prayer request:  Some friends of ours are on a mission trip to Indonesia.  Also for my sanity as I get all this done.


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