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Take from one mouth to feed another…. What??? January 29, 2009

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I have already blogged today and I did not plan on blogging again… Until…. I received the following email.

My office just got word today that our new President Elect Obama has

proposed a plan to cut military health care benefits! This is great news for

the 99.9% Veterans and Active Duty members who are currently using health

care benefits. The Congressional Budget Office has made public a proposal

stating that Veterans (you know the men and women who have fought in wars

and spent 20 plus years in the service) are now going to be paying upto 50%

of their medical bill. Thats a big jump from paying nothing for the past 30

some odd years.
The biggest kicker is Active Duty Military (yep, I said Active Duty) will

now be paying 10% of their total bill. They will now be billed for their

kids visiting the doctor. Again, a big jump from being free! 

Another benefit subject to change is VA medical benefits. Everyone who is

receiving a benefit from the VA for a service related injury will have to be

re-assessed and the proposal states this will affect "90% of vets

VA benefits and will save the government $53 Billion dollars over 10


Needless to say, today is the first time I have heard from the few Obama

supporters in my office say "if this gets passed they will not continue to

be a supporter". 

Isn't this the candidate that just a few months ago was preaching to get

health care coverage too ALL! Isn't it ironic and moronic to steal $53

Billion from vets and active duty military families so the Crack Head down

the street will receive free medical coverage.

Here are some links to article.






Feel free to Google if you're in dis-belief

Let’s see if we can get this straight.  So the veterans of the military, those who served at least 20 years, will go from paying nothing to paying 50% of their medical expenses.  Those of us inside the military now, will be paying 10%.

10% of what I ask?  We already pay 20% after we meet a $500 deductible.  So now we will pay 30% of the medical care that is usually of poor quality and lower standards and 0 accountability.  Yep, did you know that.. If a military doctor is negligent, there is no recourse.  You can not sue the government that you work for.  Now while I do not agree with frivolous and malicious lawsuits, I do believe that the option forces doctors to ALWAYS do their best.  Talk to anyone who has spent more than 4 years in the military, with a family, and they will most likely agree that we have a poor quality of care.

Wait care.. That is when we can actually receive care.. See the military insurance program is called Tri-Care.  The military members have affectionately renamed it … Tri-To-Get-Care.  On our base, appointments are virtually impossible.  You could go days and wait to be seen.  Oh.. But in order to go to Quick Care or the ER you must first have their approval.  Let me give you one such example.  About 3 years ago, I was stung by a scorpion in my kitchen on base.  I immediately had some sort of allergic reaction.  I called the 24 hour nurse lady for our insurance who then put me on hold for 30 minutes… Now, lets use some common sense.  If you are a nurse and I call you about being stung or bitten and now experiencing itching, shakes, throat swelling are you going to put me on HOLD.  NO!

So, in essence, in order for everyone else to have universal health care, those of us who already have care will lose it?  I heard news stories about Michelle Obama’s project being the military family and now they are taking from the very people she was suppose to be helping.  These retirees, some of them disabled, can not afford to pay a penny more.  And once more, they should not be required to do so.

Let’s take this out of the military spectrum for a moment.  Let’s say you work for a company for 30 years.  You went to work everyday at 8:00 and came home about 6:00.  You worked hard the entire time you were there.  You paid into your retirement and paid for your medical benefits.  Now lets say you retire.  You sign a contract of what you are walking away with.  Then 10 years into your retirement, they tell you.. We changed our minds.  You will now have to pay your own medical costs.  You would say that is absurd.  It is a legally binding contract!

I say, these brave retirees, have signed their contracts with blood!  They have given weeks, months, and years away from their families.  They have sacrificed far more than the average 8-6 worker.  They paid into their retirement and medical by taking so little a salary for many many years.

I know that I am more than a little bias on this one due to being a military wife.  I realize that my opinion is tainted with emotional interest in this subject.  But I know what WE sacrifice.  My husband could make at least 4 times as much as a civilian.  He would love to be home at night to have dinner at the table.  He would love to coach t-ball and pee-wee football with our boys.  He would love to have enough money to actually buy me flowers just because.  He would love to be have holidays at home and vacations.  But he is loyal to his country.  He believes in duty, honor, and freedom!  He believes that some must sacrifice for the greater good of all.  But my question is…. Why is the military ALWAYS the only ones to Sacrifice!

I read a transcript of where some of the proposed stimulus package would be spent and I was frustrated further.  I wonder if America knows that most military members are barely feeding their families.  These are not people who drive extravagant vehicles or own expensive homes.  They live in base housing with white walls and cramped space.  They buy just enough to make it until the next pay check.  Meanwhile, our stimulus will increase the Food stamp wages by 13% to keep up with rising food prices.  Where is our increase to keep up.

I am blessed to live in this country.  I am blessed to be married to someone who CHOOSES to defend it.  I am not whining about our life but I am fed up with the mistreatment and abuse of sacrifice!

Not everyone can serve.  Not everyone can fight on a battlefield but pretty much everyone can pick up a phone!  If you want to fight for the men and women who have fought for you then you have got to call your elected officials and stop this nonsense!

No matter where your political affections may be, this is an American issue!  military


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