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More on the Attributes of God January 15, 2009

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So a friend and I are still working on our Attributes of God (AW Tozer) book and study guide.  Each chapter I read I become more and more aware of how much we (Christians collectively) have cheapened our Savior.  Our finite and small human minds can not even fathom the greatness and the vastness of our God!

One example of this would be God’s justice.  We like to picture him as a judge doling out judgement.  But that is such a human way to look at God.  God does not perform justice… HE IS JUSTICE.  It is not an action but a state of being!  WOW.

This book has really helped me to view myself in light of how Christ views me.  It has shined new light into the idea of how small I really am and how BIG he really is!

Tozer and I may not agree on everything theologically, but for the most part, I am thankful for the way God has used this book in my life.  The spirit speaks any time we seek with the right motives.  The Word of God is living and breathing and although my friend and I also differ sometimes in theology, God’s word still speaks to each of us in the place he needs to reach us most.

So far we have studied God’s infinitude, immensity, Goodness, Justice, and Mercy.  And we still have 5 more chapters to go.  How dare I possibly place this God into my tiny little box.  Wow, How Awesome you Are O, Lord!!!!

*** On a side note… I plan to do a more reformed study (AW Pink)  of the same subject next.  I hope to get as much on this topic as possible from many different perspectives.. One can never learn too much of our God!****


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