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33 at 33 January 11, 2009

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So today, on my 33rd birthday, I thought I would post 33 things I have learned in my life.  There are of course more, but these are the 33 that come to mind.

1.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind!

2.  Loving the Lord your God is not a “decision”  it is a daily dying to yourself and following.  It is growing in holiness and seeking to know him more.

3.  Mom and Dad are not as stupid as they were when I was 15.

4.  If you make your life about you, you will be disappointed.  If you make your life about Christ, he will always AMAZE you!

5.  Serve the Lord with gladness!  (There is always a place of service)

6.  “Lo, Children are a heritage of the Lord.”

7.  The enemy can use even the most Holy people to cause you to stumble.. Especially when you have your eyes on them and not on him.

8.  Do NOT be unequally yoked!

9.  God did not create multiple races…. God created a HUMAN RACE and we should  be mindful of that.. (Especially those of us from the South)

10.  God is not worried about my HAPPINESS he is worried about my HOLINESS!

11.  Children are the best missionaries.. Uninhibited and honest.

12.  When you make a mistake as a parent, seek forgiveness from your child.  It not only teaches you humility but shows them we are ALL sinners.

13.  Momma’s voice and prayers help even after 30.

14.  You are never to old to be Daddy’s girl!

15.  God is not the “cherry on top” of your already wonderful life.. He has to be the CENTER! (Paul Washer)

16.  You can have a Fairy Tale.  It may not be Happily EVER after but there will be days of pure magic.

17.   The greatest love for a woman is holding her newborn in her arms.

18.  The best smell in the world is a freshly bathed baby.

19.  Not every room is full of Cajuns!  You do not have to yell to be heard.

20.  Remember who you are and whom you represent.

21.  Keep your blessings in check before they become your idols.

22.  Everything God is… He is infinitely!

23.  There is a church building and there is a church body!  The two do not need one another in order to serve its purpose!

24.  Submission is not only an action it is also an attitude.

25.  If I have to change the televsion station when my child comes into the room.. I should not be watching it either!

26.  Some of the deepest theology comes from the 80 year old who just “LOVE JESUS!”

27.  You do become your parents.. I hear it in myself every day.

28.  You do have a PURPOSE for your life but it should be driven to Glorify God!

29.  Build a bridge and get over it..

30.  True Forgiveness is Supernaturnal.

31.  Rules may make a child obey today but a Heart change will rule him forever.

32.  Middle child syndrome never goes away… LOL

33.  Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, soul, might!  If you start and end there… that is all you need to learn.


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