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All I want for Christmas December 17, 2008

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I have been a little absent from my blog lately.  I just have not had the time or really the thoughts to share in this blog.  And as the craziness of this month progresses, I have officially hidden under a rock.  We, Christians (loose term), go to great lengths to point out the secularism of this holiday.  On the flip side, many of us participate in its secularism all the same.  This is my little rant for the day..

Yesterday as I was driving in town my radio was tuned to our local Christian radio station (not K-Love).  What should my wondering ears should I hear, “I’ll be home for Christmas, and Jingle Bells.”  There now it is official!  It is almost like we think because we know the true meaning we can still particiate in their nonsense.  What is Christ honoring and glorifying about those songs?  Even a Christian music station has to use the secular world as a filler.  Why can Christ centered music not be enough?

So, All I want for Christmas this year is………….. Christ!  On his throne, High and Lifted Up!  Where he belongs.  Remove twinkling lights, santas and snowmen.  Take away the trees and the presents.  Let me stand in a stable, amongst sheep and cows.  Let me worship at his manger.  This child that we honor on this day is our Redeemer!  This is not some little story about Christmas.  It is THE Story!  It is the reason we can live!  My redeemer lives and was born a babe in a manger.  Why is it so hard to just be happy with Jesus.  Why do we need to add secular fillers to make our holiday.  When will Christ truly be enough for Christmas!


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