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Lesson plans December 8, 2008

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to-do-list1Today, while I was looking through my lesson plans for homeschool, I had a revelation. How many times in my life do I try to live by my lesson plans.

I am a planner. Even if things are not written down and laid out in black and white, they are in my head. And my hubby would attest that I am no fun to be around if we are off of our plan or schedule. I justify these strict routine with many a psychological reasons but it all comes back to one… PRIDE!

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you.” We often hone in on the prosper part of that verse and forget the very beginning. ” I know the plans..”

Why is it that we have to have our own lesson (life) plans. I wonder how many times I have been so focussed on getting my plans done that I have neglected to see the plan that he laid out for me. And how many times did I take the long way to something when had I rested in him it would have come without the trouble.

This is where we are so earthly minded. We are so focussed on all the things we have to get done that we forget who put us here and the plan he has for us.

We are so worried about ourselves and our goals being met that we forget that none of this really matters. We are merely passing through this earth on a mission to Glorify him. And my attitude when there is a kink in my little life plan, is definitely not God Glorifying. We have to remember that his plan is perfect. We do not have to plan and fix everything.

Having a plan is like telling the artist how to paint his masterpiece. You want to see the beautiful work of art and you want to enjoy its beauty but you want the artist to hurry along and do you it your way. I wonder what may be left out of that master piece?

Lord, I confess that I too often try to live my own life plan. I have so much to get done and I try to pencil my life into some book or schedule. Forgive me for not acknowledging your perfect plan and for not adjusting myself to your plan and your will.


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