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Mercy came running…. December 4, 2008

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Just a quick thought for today.  Today, during Bible lesson in homeschool, our title was “What it Means to be a Sinner.”  They were using Adam and Eve as the basis of the lesson as it was a follow up to the previous lesson on sin entering the world.  But as I was talking about the lesson, something really stood out. 

God said if they ate of the fruit of the tree, they would surely die.  But they did not die (physically that is).  They are severely punished for their sin against him, but they did not die the second they ate.  At the very beginning of the bible, the love and mercy of our God and creator is already showing. 

God does love that which he creates.  We focus much attention to the New Testament mercy and grace story but what about the Mercy and Grace our God has shown for his creation from the very, very beginnng. 

One of the questions we discussed said, ” why were Adam and Eve afraid of God?”  Aaron answered..”because they knew they would be punished.”  Is that why we are afraid of God?  hmmmm.

We sin and we hide.  But why do we hide?  Are we ashamed because of the fear of punishment?  The fear of death?  Or are we ashamed because we sinned against a Holy God?  And better yet, as Christians, have we taken for granted the Mercy of the Cross.  Are we truly grieved when we hurt our God and Maker. 

I hope that I NEVER lose sight of the fact that any sin is against a Holy God.  “Your sins have hid his face from you.”  Isaiah 59:2.


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