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Beware of false prophets November 10, 2008

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Last night, I was not able to attend church because Logan is still feeling a little under the weather.  So, I was flipping through the channels and settled on one of the “so-called” Christian channels, where I decided to listen for a moment or two.  It did not take me long to realize he was not preaching the TRUE gospel message.  But I wonder, for those who do not KNOW the truth how easily they could be persuaded.

We often hear sermons and teaching on the New Testament “Beware of false prophets… Who come in sheep’s clothing…”  But this morning in my quiet time, I was reading in 1Kings.  Here is the passage… 1 Kings 13:11-24

11 As it happened, there was an old prophet living in Bethel, and his sons[a] came home and told him what the man of God had done in Bethel that day. They also told their father what the man had said to the king. 12 The old prophet asked them, “Which way did he go?” So they showed their father[b] which road the man of God had taken. 13 “Quick, saddle the donkey,” the old man said. So they saddled the donkey for him, and he mounted it.
14 Then he rode after the man of God and found him sitting under a great tree. The old prophet asked him, “Are you the man of God who came from Judah?”
“Yes, I am,” he replied.
15 Then he said to the man of God, “Come home with me and eat some food.”
16 “No, I cannot,” he replied. “I am not allowed to eat or drink anything here in this place. 17 For the Lord gave me this command: ‘You must not eat or drink anything while you are there, and do not return to Judah by the same way you came.’”
18 But the old prophet answered, “I am a prophet, too, just as you are. And an angel gave me this command from the Lord: ‘Bring him home with you so he can have something to eat and drink.’” But the old man was lying to him. 19 So they went back together, and the man of God ate and drank at the prophet’s home.
20 Then while they were sitting at the table, a command from the Lord came to the old prophet. 21ord says: You have defied the word of the Lord and have disobeyed the command the Lord your God gave you. 22 You came back to this place and ate and drank where he told you not to eat or drink. Because of this, your body will not be buried in the grave of your ancestors.” He cried out to the man of God from Judah, “This is what the L
23 After the man of God had finished eating and drinking, the old prophet saddled his own donkey for him, 24 and the man of God started off again. But as he was traveling along, a lion came out and killed him. His body lay there on the road, with the donkey and the lion standing beside it.

This man of God who had just done miraculous wonders for Christ was so easily swayed into deception.  That made me wonder how easily swayed we are as well.  I believe it should be our hearts desire to be so in tune with the Word of God that we are not swayed in the wind with every form of doctrine that entices us.

This also leads me to another logical conclusion.  The prophet knew of whom he had been sent.  He was given direct instructions from God to not eat or drink.  And yet he allowed the words of man to turn his head from what God had distinctly told him to do.  The Lies of the Enemy are so easily justified.  Can you hear the conversation… But Lord, he told me your angel sent him.. and to this the Lord would answer… But “I” told you what to do.  Kind of like a child defending his actions.  But mom, such and such told me you said it was ok.  This prophet chose to disobey direct instructions by following the words of man.  How often do I listen to man more than to God?  Am I really seeking to do his will or am I trying to find justification for moments when I willfully disobey his commands.

When we take our eyes off of what God has placed us here for, and start listening to others we will always be prey for lions.  Once we step out of the will of God we are stepping out of his protection.  We have to remain diligent in the place he wants us and we must have a “Kingdom” vision.  We must know what we believe and why we believe it.  We must know that it is our job to do the will of the Father and not even entertain thoughts that may sway us into disobedience.

I know there are some who will see this from a different perspective.  There are some who would blame the old prophet for deceiving the man of God.  But that man of God is held accountable for his own choices and he chose to disobey the God who sent him.  Modern psychological Christianity would have us pity this Man of God.  They would reason out that he could not have known the truth and place the enemy at fault.  To that, I say.. Hullabulloo!!  He may not have known the truth but he willfully disobeyed the Truth!

We can look all around us and find blame in those who we think have caused us to stumble but we are accountable to God alone.  We stand before him alone!  We must CHOOSE to obey the one who sent us!


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