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My Country Tis of Thee November 5, 2008

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american-flag-on-treeWell history has been made.  America has elected the first African American President.  And regardless of whether or not we agree with his policies and ideals, we must acknowledge the history unfolding before us.

As I watched John McCain give his Concession speech, I felt myself welling up with tears.  Why cry over this I wonder, you did not really think he would be a great president either?  And then I realized, as he so eloquently conceded to Obama, that I was broken over the heart of our country.

This man, regardless of what you think of him politically or spiritually, is a true servant of our great country.  He is the true patriot.  He sacrificed more than most for our country.  So as he was speaking I saw not the end of a campaign but the end of an American spirit.

When did charm and manipulation begin to beat duty and honor?  Look past all the “issues” everyone has been discussing and see the heart of our country is filthy.  We have become so “me” involved that we have forgotten the “whole,” the bigger unit of country.

It saddens me that someone who has lied and cheated and manipulated would so easily defeat a man of honor and duty to country.  Being a military wife, I tend to be more patriotic than most.  I know what service to country costs.  I know what my husband sacrifices.  When did the LOVE of America become so unacceptable?

I think about the people who came here from England seeking religious freedom.  About the many, many men who died in the American Revolution and World Wars defending this sacred country.  I wonder, how many today serving us in Washington would pick up a gun and defend her today.

So my prayer for this nation is not going to be protection from Obama.  My prayer will be for the heart of this nation to drawn to Christ.  That he would raise up a generation of people who will cry out for change in the hearts of man.  That we would once again wave a flag with pride and we would once again hold fast to our country.

As I watched McCain exit the stage, I thought now there goes a true “American Hero.”  That is what this country needs- Heroes.  Going against the flow of selfish people and standing up to say….”My country tis of thee…


2 Responses to “My Country Tis of Thee”

  1. Susan M. Says:

    Really good post.
    I wasn’t really thrilled with either choice as President, but I did always feel that McCain loves this country and wasn’t in the race for what he could get out of it personally.

  2. Jen Says:

    Hi Dani,
    Great post. I, too, wasn’t a huge fan of McCain for president, but I know he is man of honor and character. And those qualities go far in my book.

    I think you are “spot-on” in wondering what happened to the heart of America. The conservative radio guy I listen to played “Taps” today, and I found myself tearing up and realizing that I AM in mourning. I am mourning a country that used to be, but seems to have been lost in all the media hype and smoke screens.

    May God bless America and have mercy upon us.

    Lord, bring revival to us. And start with me.


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