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Fear Not November 4, 2008

Filed under: Poetic Moments... Or my pathetic attempt at them — A Relevant Old Soul @ 10:03 pm

Fear Notlion-in-field

The enemy is here and he is prowling like a lion,

He is circling the saints and trying to keep their minds off zion.

The lies, the fear, the worry and the discontent of him

Causing even saints to feel they can not win.

Why do we believe the lies and the hate he spreads,

Specks of doubt and fear tremble in our heads.

Our Savior has already conquered over him

Yet we live as if we are imprisoned by all the worlds sin.

This earthly ground we tread is not our home sweet home

It is merely a place to bring him Glory on his throne.

If we are walking in the Spirit his pouncing will not reach us

We are covered with the blood of the Lamb around us it encompasses.

We need not lower our heads in defeat today or any other,

My God is on the throne and he is still the Heavenly Father.

He has not walked away or turned his head from our pleas

But we can not see the plan that he can see.

He is Sovereign over all things and this will work for good as well

Even when around us the world seems to be headed to hell.

The enemy is roaring and he seems to be closing in…

But I have read the book you see, and I know who will win.


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