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Thoughts… October 4, 2008

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First, have you ever had a day when you were so AWESTRUCK with God, you could not contain it.  I have!  Yesterday, he just kept knocking my socks off!  Our God truly is AWESOME!  I pray that all of you would have the opportunity to experience a true real God who does meet all our needs!

Next, being that no one leaves comments on here except my mother and Susan, I have no way of knowing who my readers are.. (hint.. if you come and read, leave a comment and let me know you were here).  With that said, I want you all to know how thankful I am for my wonderful Christian friends here in Shreveport/Bossier as well as Eunice.  There are many reasons I am apprehensive to leave but leaving them will be very difficult.  They have been a family to me when my family is far away.  They have shown me how to be “the church.”  This group of believers that the Lord has put into my life have pushed me further in my growth in 2 years than my entire Spiritual journey.  They force me to challenge what I have been taught and to truly LEARN Christ!  They have been examples of Godly parenting, examples of Godly teaching, and sometimes just there as support.  I was raised in the South, so niceness is not a new concept to me.  But there is a difference in niceness and obedience to Christ.  Praise goes only to God for allowing me the opportunity to spend time with all of these phenomenal people!  And to each of you, you know who you are, and the love, guidance, help and support you have all given me I could never repay.  There are not words for what you all mean to us.

Well I may be absent from my blog for the next few days.  My honey will be home from his deployment tomorrow.  I can not believe it is finally here.  This has been a long, hard four months.  I can not wait to see him or to see the kids faces when they see him.  So, with that said, please keep him in your prayers as he travels back to the states.  Also, keep our family in your prayers that we would have a wonderful reunion.  Until I have time to write again….. Ta Ta!


2 Responses to “Thoughts…”

  1. Susan Says:

    I hope you guys are having a great time with hubby/dad back home!!!

  2. whenyouwalkalongtheway Says:

    We are really enjoying our family time again. Thanks for asking.

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