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Going Beyond the Proverbs 31 woman October 2, 2008

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Isn’t it the goal of most women to try to emulate the Proverbs 31 woman?  I know that has often times been a sort of measuring stick for me.  I have also, been blessed though, to actually know a couple of women who are that inspiring Proverbs woman.  There are countless books on this subject as well as numerous bible studies and the like.  I think it is a great goal to set for ourselves.  With that said, I also need to caution the over reading of this chapter while forgetting the plethora of other information that Proverbs offers for women.

Just yesterday morning, I read Proverbs 11-13.  In just 3 simple chapters the instructions for women were immense.  By no coincidence, I am sure, I was emailed a devotional from a friend which addressed building up and tearing down our homes; which I also had been reading about.  I thought today I would just share with you outside of  Proverbs 31 and hopefully the words will jump off to your heart as they did mine.

“A kindhearted woman gains respect, but ruthless men gain only wealth.  Proverbs 11:16

“A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret.”  Proverbs 11:13

” Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion.” Proverbs 11: 22

“A wife of noble character is her husbands crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.”  Proverbs 12:4

Now, as if these are not enough.. These are the ones that are specifically targeted at women.  BUT.. a careful reading may notice that most of the other verses surrounding these, although, not specifically stating to a woman, are geared more for the struggle of women. For example holding our tongues and not being judgemental. I am not going to put the entire 3 chapters in here but I want to make sure that we can see the obvious.

In just 3 small chapters we as women but also just as Christians are shown the path to wisdom.

A wise woman will be… Kindhearted (vs. 16), Shows Discretion (22), Not a Gossip (13), Holds there Tongue (entire 3 chapters), Noble (12:4).

Wow, that is a lot of information in just 3 little chapters.  I am feeling good about getting just one of those done a day.  But I was pondering on the verse about Building up and Tearing down and this is what I learned.

Proverbs 14

1 The wise woman builds her house,
but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.

Notice in Chapter 14 he begins with this.  Verse 1.  In Chapters 11-13 he has been laying the foundation of a Wise Woman.  Then he says she builds her house…

I would venture to say that the tools she uses to build her house were the ones discussed in the 3 previous chapters.  She uses discretion and a held tongue.  She is kindhearted and Noble.  By contrast, a loud boisterous woman who cares for no one but herself is only tearing her house down with every word and every harsh action.

You want to win your spouse to the Lord?  You will not do it with Anger, Nagging or bitterness.  You want to be an example of Christ to your children?  You will not do that with Impatience, Intolerance, and Anger.  Those qualities only tear people down.

If you want to stir souls and plant seeds for Christ, you will use the tools mentioned.  You will be Kindhearted, You will use Discretion, You will not be a Gossip, You have Noble Character.  The tools we have been given are not contained within the Sacred Proverbs 31 alone.  God’s Word is FULL of tools for us to build our homes to honor and Glorify him.

I remember once a statement made by Beth Moore, “I am a “this” but I want to be a “that”.”  She was referring to the way we look at other women and wish that we were like them.  But as a Pastor and friend of mine once said… “You are a “that” – you just have not realized it yet!”

Ladies…. Proverbs 31 is a wonderful goal but it is not the only tool in our shed.  Take out some of the others and start building your house!  And one day when you least expect it your heart will shine with the Light of Christ so brightly that you will indeed be a “THAT!”


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