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Words in love…. October 1, 2008

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Someone very wise and dear to me pointed out  something in an earlier post.  After careful consideration and numerous re-readings of the post I did think it necessary to maybe explore further its original context.

This blog is not intended to judge anyone!  Who am I?  I am sinner!  A depraved rotten to the core sinner!  I have no intent on judging anyone.  I am however passionate.  I am fearful of the demise of our churches.  I am heart broken over “comfort cultural Christianity.”  I want the world to see what I have seen!  I want the churches to fall in LOVE with Christ again!

Not all of us have the same worldview.  I try to look at all things with a Biblical Worldview which I take to mean that I examine things through the light of scripture.  The majority of our churches however do not hold to that same belief.  There has been a slipping into a more psychological post-modern humanism inside our churches.  A mixing of psychology and bible if you will. Therefore, no matter what I write in this blog, to some it will come off as an attack or judgemental.    His word Judges me and Convicts me every time I open it.

On Sunday, I posted on my experience watching church on TV.  This post as every other on my blog is meant to be a place for me to blog about my passions.  I am not writing it to anyone.  I was not targeting one specific church either.  I truly was speaking of the state of our churches as a whole.  There is a very fine line between judgement and tolerance.

I simply hope that people who choose to read my blog, find a place to maybe question and wonder about things as I do.  I am no theologian or would I EVER lay claim to be.  I am no Preacher nor would I ever claim to be.  I am just a daughter, wife, a mother, a friend, and a child of a King.  I am not even worthy of the gift he gave me so freely.  I think myself above NO one.  I am the “Chief of Sinners.”

I do not think it necessary to apologize for sharing my heart and my passion.  That is the intention of this blog.  However, I hope that I helped to maybe explain that my words are not meant as an attack so much as they are to open peoples hearts and eyes to a hurting people around us.  Even inside of church.

I deeply love the person who pointed this out to me.  She is a rock in my life and has been forever.  She laid the foundation for the person God is now turning me into.  My only hope is that all would instead see my heart crying out for the church to be in LOVE WITH CHRIST!  I have no hidden agenda.  I have no divisive intent.  I have only the heart for the church and its need for reformation and renewal.


One Response to “Words in love….”

  1. grammy Says:

    My heart is blessed to see your passion for God and His Church.

    The person that pointed this out to you has no hidden agenda.
    That person Loves God and His Church and never never wants to forget when and how God reached down took her hand and called her HIS CHILD. She knows where she would be if it had not been for GOD’S compassion and love for her.

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