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Set a Guard October 1, 2008

Filed under: Poetic Moments... Or my pathetic attempt at them — A Relevant Old Soul @ 10:26 am

Psalms 141:3

3 Set a guard over my mouth, O LORD;
keep watch over the door of my lips.

Set a Guard over my Mouth oh Lord I pray,

Let your spirit guide every word I say.

When I aim for MY way or for it to prove,

May you shut it closed or my body move.

Lord, I truly want to serve you best

But I want my words in them to invest

Sometimes I think I can convince them Lord

Sometimes shutting up is just so hard.

God, my heart has good intent

If just my mouth closed a bit

I need to remember that YOU will stir men

It is not my place to always point sin.

Lord, thank you for the passion you have laid in my heart

For your saving grace which has given me, a fresh start

But tomorrow as I meet quietly with you

Set a guard over my mouth, I really need you to.

written by: Me… Big Mouth..


2 Responses to “Set a Guard”

  1. grammy Says:

    Big Mouth with a heart for God. God is doing a mighty work in your life……..I praise God…..I am without words as I read this blog I went back to look if you had copied this from someone.
    God has blessed you with a gift and I praise our heavenly Father for blessing me with the honor of being your mother.
    I have no words to express the deep deep emotions of my heart as I continue to see God at work in your life. I join with you in asking God to close my mouth also.

  2. whenyouwalkalongtheway Says:

    Remember you are my mother. You are biased and suppose to say that.. LOL

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