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Reading by the Spirit September 30, 2008

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Have you ever picked up a book and the minute you started reading you begin to feel as the author is speaking directly to YOU!  Boy lately that has been the case for me.  I am currently reading two books, which I am sure were written specifically for me..LOL

Isn’t it amazing how the Spirit works, how everyday reading outside of scripture can become a ground for conviction and contemplation.  I am a huge reader.  But these two books are definitely tools God is using in my life alongside his Word as a tool to shape me into his image.  I have tons of books that I can recommend to anyone but these by far have had a huge impact on me.  So..

Knowing God by JI Packer with the separate study guide/workbook is awesome!  If you hear others give deep insights of God and you often wonder how you can know these deep truths this is the book for you.  (Well along with Systematic Theology that is..)  This should never take the place of studying scripture but it has really hit me on motives and heart issues.  It is a great book and a good starting point, I think, for some new to really studying God.

The Sacred Influence by Gary Thomas.  Ok I will begin this one with a disclaimer.  I not a big topical study person.  I read also his Sacred Marriage (ok) and Sacred Parenting (too topical).  But this book was geared for ME!  It is how a wife needs to be before she can influence her husband.  We have many wives today that are trying to change their husbands into Spiritual Leaders and Spiritual Giants but are trying to do it in their own strength.  This book is not about how to change him.. It is about how to change YOU.. the wife.  Every chapter I feel more and more conviction on how I have approached my husbands spiritual walk.  If you are a wife of a non believer, an addict, your spouse cheated on you, or is just not the spiritual leader you desire, this book is definitely for YOU!

Well my bookshelves are piling up again so I am sure I will have more to share later.  I ordered like 5 or 6 books before we move so that I do not have to pay such outrageous shipping overseas once I am there.

Just remember, if you are seeking God in all things you will find him in all things.  He will use any means necessary to grab hold of you and mold you into his image..


One Response to “Reading by the Spirit”

  1. grammy Says:

    Whee Whee

    I like that sentence, If you are seeking God in all things you will find him in all things. I am elated that he used the means necessary to grab hold of you and is molding you into His image.

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