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The countdown begins… September 20, 2008

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Two weeks from Sunday, my wonderful husband will be home!  Yeah!  I am really getting excited.  This has been the most difficult deployment of the many we have had.  I could spend this whole post talking about how much the kids miss their daddy (and they do) but instead I wanted to share why I miss my husband.

Let me first tell you a little about “My Man.”  He is of course handsome but that is not why I married him.  He is sensitive and caring.  He devoted to his country and chooses to put his uniform on and serve it with honor!  He is devoted to me and the children.  He works very long hours and is often away from us but provides for our family.  He LOVES sports and can quote you stats on almost anyone in Football and Baseball.  He is fun and funny.  He loves to laugh and makes me laugh.  He is strong but he also knows how and when to be weak.  He is of course not perfect, but he is perfect for me.  He is the person God has chosen for me to serve him alongside.  He is the GREATEST dad ever.  The children worship him.  He will cuddle with me on the couch and jump on the trampoline for hours with the kids.  He is a perfectionist at his work.  He is very laid back.  He does not rush and stress over much of anything.  He is quiet and reserved but when he does talk it is either funny or meaningful.  He is my best friend.  He knows all my flaws and all weaknesses and loves me anyway.

Anyone who has been married more than 5 years can attest to the “comfort” factor.  Especially after having children, we become very comfortable with each other.  Sometimes it is easy to take one another for granted.  Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of why we are together and that we are a couple and not just a mom and dad.

There are many reasons to miss him in our house.  Most important to me of course is getting my word count in for the day..LOL.  But really.  Talking to him.  Hanging out with him.  Just seeing him come in from work.  Cuddling at night after the kids are in bed.  Cuddling with him and the kids.  Yelling at the TV together while watching football.  Going to church as a family.  Eating dinner as a family.  Looking into his eyes when we talk about something one of the kids has accomplished.  Hearing his laugh…. Seeing him cry over mistakes and weaknesses.

It is so easy to function as a team and when half of your team is gone it becomes to difficult to win the game.  We function well together.  We get things done with little communication.  I have to admit, I do miss having help in the diaper department..LOL.

I could probably go on forever but you get the point.  We like many other marriages have had our moments.  We have had moments so severe and so stressful that I wondered if we would make it.  God has taught both of us many lessons and we both have grown up.  We have learned above all else that God has to be the center.

I love my husband and am blessed for having him as my life partner.  Together we do seek to grow in Christ, and grow in Holiness so that we may bring Glory to God alone.  We fail even after all these years but we know that God has joined us in order that he may be Glorified through our marriage.

If you are reading this honey, I love you.  I love you more today than I did yesterday.  I can not wait to be in your arms again.  Thank you God for the gift of this man.


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