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Should be posted in every home with boys! September 18, 2008

Filed under: Quotes on Raising boys — A Relevant Old Soul @ 9:56 am

“It is easier to Raise boys than to Fix Men!” unknown



2 Responses to “Should be posted in every home with boys!”

  1. Susan Says:

    I’ve spent a few minutes this morning reading the latest of your posts and enjoyed them all!! This quote about raising boys….love it! I also love your Ode to a Dirty House down below.
    Big Congrats on your hubby coming home so soon! Now will he be home until you go to England?

  2. whenyouwalkalongtheway Says:

    Yes he will be here until we leave. We are so very glad that he is coming home. The boys are super excited. And I am even excited in that silly my boyfriend is coming over kind of way..LOL

    I absolutely loved that quote when I saw it. I thought about how true it really is and it really impressed again upon me to be strong in pushing my boys to righteousness.

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