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One of those days September 17, 2008

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Today has definitely been one of those days when I should have gotten back into the bed and started over.  It has been a day full of constant nagging and badgering to get my children to accomplish anything.  It has been a day of bickering and fighting between the kids and constant refereeing.  It has been a day of school where Aaron was not focussed and nothing I said sank into his brain.  It has been a day of angry words harshly spoken to my children.  It has been a day of asking forgiveness and tears being shed.  It has been a day of missing my husband.  It has been a day of frustration with circumstances.  It has been a day of hurt.  It has been a day of loud voices and bitter hearts.

“Weak and wounded sinner, Lost and left to die.. Pick up your head for love is drawing nigh.”  That is what I am reminded of.  No matter how deep today has been “Come to Jesus!”

Sunday in church, Rex was preaching on Mark 1.  He was really pounding in on verse 9.  “And after that JESUS CAME…”  Some days I just need Jesus to COME!  To come to me.  I am too weak and too low to reach up.  Some days I need him to reach down.  Some days I just need to crawl into his lap and let him rock me to sleep.  In the comfort and security of the Perfect Good Shepherd.

Every time I make poor decisions or bad judgement in handling the children, I think about how patient he is with us.  How undeserving we are of his mercy.  And yet “His mercies are new every morning.”  No matter our circumstances.  No matter where we are.  His mercies are new every morning.  In those days when it seems the enemy has won and you have lost all hope.. JESUS CAME!  Every time we lose sight of his Glory and Majesty and we turn our eyes to the circumstances around us remember the Israelites.  The constant times they turned away after each new mercy and yet again he poured mercy over them.

I am a Child of the King.  I am not a creature of this Earth.  I am merely traveling through.  I belong to him and I can not allow these Earthly failures to bog me down on my path to Glorifying him!  I need to “Fix my eyes” on him and all this lowly emotional stuff will fade away and all I will see is his Radiant Glory shining so brightly into the depth of my soul.

Remember… JESUS CAME…

He came to save his people time and time again.. And then he came to save me.. And then he comes to me still today..!

Nehemiah 9:31

31 Nevertheless in Your great mercy
You did not utterly consume them nor forsake them;
For You are God, gracious and merciful.


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