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Ode to a Dirty House September 14, 2008

Filed under: Poetic Moments... Or my pathetic attempt at them — A Relevant Old Soul @ 12:56 am

Oh house how lovely you are to me,

From your lofty granduer for the world to see.

Your walls envelope me all around

Your roof a hat to sleep so sound

Yet inside your walls so grand and tall

The dirt and scum to me do call

Hand prints and spilled milk all over your face

Keeping up with the messes the true “Amazing Race”

I wash you and clean you and I make you smell nice

I get down on my knees to clean spills more than twice.

Your floor is a battlefield of toy soldiers and knights

Cleanliness avoids you even with all my might.

I would love to honor and keep you so pure

But they would only dirty you once more

So I clean and reclean and then clean again

Maybe a little while it will make you grin

But then just like a never ending dream

The mess appears to cover your beams

Once again I try to vacuum and mop

Of your messes I can never stay atop.

Oh dear sweet house your shelter I admire

But some days to you I would like to set fire

Cleanliness is next to Godliness they say

But some days I want to just run away.

written by Me (Dani) aka Queen of the Dirty House


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