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Where did I drop my brain? September 10, 2008

Filed under: Insights of Insomnia — A Relevant Old Soul @ 11:13 am

Twice a year in the Shreveport/Bossier City area, the entire population of mothers completely loses touch with reality. As we line up like a group of teeny boppers waiting for the next ticket of the heart throb of the day. But are we waiting in hours in the hot sun for tickets to be entertained? Are we waiting in scorching temperatures and on uncomfortable sidewalk to be serenaded by our favorite band or musician? Oh NO! That is much too logical for us. I believe there is much to be said about the line “I lost my brain with my placenta!”

No, come fall and spring people plan, organize and tag. They begin to dig out and pull out and find anything they can to put into our city wide children consignment sale. What is the big deal you ask? Oh…. For all that labor of pricing and preparing you are rewarding with… Early entry to get the great things others toiled to put into the sale. And by the time the waiting and the fighting and the lines are said and done, you have spent way more than you have made.

Yesterday the “Participant Only Early Entry Sale” opened at 6:00pm. A few of us got into line at about 4:30ish. We were probably about 50 people back in the line. By 5:30 the line wrapped the entire building. And at 5:50 people began to move and like a bunch of groupies we run forward only to find that we moved like 4 feet. And then.. it happened.. At 6:00 the glass barricade is removed as the cattle are herded into this domain of deals and the “manners are left front door.” Hundreds of mothers are pushing and pulling and grabbing and fighting over clothing, toys, furniture, shoes, decorations, outside toys, and whatever else you can get for children. These docile gentle creatures who sat so quietly in a concrete line and spoke of their happy little families become……. WILD ANIMALS in search of their territory!

Amid sweaty bodies from digging for treasure and horrible backaches from the positions your body is forced into in order to dig, you still manage a smile as you puff up with pride over your new found possessions and head to the check out. And then again.. it begins.. As grueling as it began.. Another line.. About 300 people long.. And again you are forced to wait. (last night we stood in line for over an hour and a half) Once you reach the front and money is exchanged you drearily head to the vehicle where you forcefully decide you will not do this again next year!

And then when Spring rolls around.. You notice your kids sure have out grown a lot of stuff.. And that is when it happens again.. No one knows how or when it happens.. It is subtle- but soon and very soon.. The brain is gone again!!

Just thought I would share some pics of what this is like.. Hope you enjoy.


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