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Her Majesty her I come with “Majesty” September 7, 2008

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Well I can hardly believe it- We are moving to England! Yes, England the country not England AFB for you funny people. What, might you ask is a small town cajun girl going to do in England? That is a wonderful question and when you figure it out please let me know.

As for now, I am fully trusting and relying on the most Supreme and Sovereign God who directs my every step. This is not a surprise to my maker. He fit me together in my mother’s womb. He knew this day before I. I only pray that I have adequately kept my eyes on him and grown more like him in such a way that I may be a true representative of his Kingdom.

I must say that the History buff in me is ecstatic over this opportunity. So much of our Christian heritage is tied to England. And yet it leaves me to wonder how far they have come. England, as well as most of Europe, are better known as secular countries. These once pedestals of Christianity, where some of the greatest theologians were berthed, has now become a pool of humanism.

A great friend of mine with great doctrinal and theological insight and knowledge, pointed out to me the great opportunity this would be to live out my faith. I definitely can find a lot wrong with the “cultural Christianity” that surrounds us here in the Bible Belt. I often get fed up with all the so called “Carnal Christians” warming our church pews. But as he pointed out, I am blessed to be in an environment where everyone talks about and knows about God.

Sadly in the land of our Christian history, this is no longer the case. My prayer for this trip, as well as the rest of my life, is that I may bring Glory to him wherever I am and in whatever situation I am in. I pray that our family would be a mirror image of our Loving Father and through even our everyday mundane words and deeds, he would shine through us to a dark and dying world. I pray that I have the opportunity to put actual hands on and eyes on experience to the stories of Martyrdom and theology that I am teaching my children. I pray that we may all come back to the states with a greater appreciation of Christ, our strength, and a revitalized heart for others.

Please join me in praying even now, that as this new adventure unfolds, the Lord would receive all Glory and that we would be strong and unwavering. That we would never doubt he who created us and we would never allow a single moment of worry or sadness to creep in and steal his Glory. He who made us will sustain us and will bring about a most magnificent of endings to this our journey.


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