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The insanity that is North Louisana… September 1, 2008

Filed under: Everyday thoughts — A Relevant Old Soul @ 7:49 am

Ok.. So here is my rant for today.  People we live in North Louisiana (a.k.a. Texas).  Last I checked all you people want to be part of Texas anyway.  Now, Louisiana is threatened by a hurricane,  and suddenly you want to panic like a Louisianian.

People here are acting like it is Armageddon.  Come on people.. Fighting over ice chests in Walmart.  This is insanity.

I have just been informed of even yet more insanity.  They have now officially decided to lock us in base. Not entering or leaving the base from the start of rainfall until Thursday.   Oh that has got to be one of the military’s most absurd ideas (and history has proved they are full of them).   What, can locks on a gate now hold out a storm, wind, or rain.  What a novel idea.. Maybe they could share that info with New Orleans..

Again I say, Come on people.. Get a clue.  We are not in New Orleans.  Even if this storm hits at a cat 5, by the time it reaches us, we will be nothing but wet.  Being from South La., and in much closer proximity to the storms, we have never evacuated or freaked out.  Why is it then, that North La. thinks it necessary to declare a state of emergency and put my life into a state of insanity!

And that is all I have to say about that.


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