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Echoes of Sin August 22, 2008

Filed under: Raising Children — A Relevant Old Soul @ 3:54 pm

Have you ever had one of those days where the sound of quarreling children echoes even into your sleep? These precious, beautiful children who used to cuddle and snuggle, giggle and laugh, climb on our laps and all those other cute childhood things have now turned into….. football players working on a defense strategy!!!

“Mine! Mine! Mine!” I advocate that anyone who has sat through a college philosophy class and endured the lectures on “Everyone Is Morally Good,” has spent absolutely no time with children. There is absolutely no question that the “Theory of Original Sin” exists… Augustine must have met my children. From the time this adorable beings are taken from the womb it is all about them. We are selfish from the start.

I love seeing the tired eyes of a new mother who has been up all night with a crying child. I love hearing people try to console her with words of encouragement like, “it will get better soon.” Sorry.. that is simply NOT true. As they get older, the sins get, if nothing else, LOUDER!

My children will wrestle to the death with bellows of anger for the one red crayon when there is a box full with other red crayons sitting right next to them. From the beginning, we are created to want what we want, when we want it, how we want it.

I am thankful for a Cross where the echoes of my sin were nailed as Jesus chose to take the Wrath for my sins. My number one goal above all else in raising my children is that they may be drawn to that very same cross. You may not be able to stop the burping and other noises that come from having boys but you can take to your knees and pray to the one who writes their game plan. Our Sovereign God has a plan for each of these children and although all we hear is the echoes of their sin, he sees past it all and sees their future fulfillment of his Glory!


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