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Eve the first Feminist! August 21, 2008

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I was thinking the other day about how feminist our society has actually become. Even inside our churches words like “submission” are rarely talked about. No one wants to offend anyone or “hurt someone’s feelings.” How could we have come so far from where we began? Is it possible our churches have become too politically correct to address the rising issue of women deliberately disobeying scripture.

How did we get to this place? Are we really at a place in time where being a “quiet, humble servant” to our husbands is seen as comical archaic nonsense? I am often times flaberghasted at the exhaustive measures even Christian women take to declare themselves “independent” and capable of self preservation.

Who is this new Christian woman? Is she truly seeking to please God or have we tarnished our churches with such a secular worldview that one can no longer tell the difference. Our churches are no longer holding women accountable to scripture. There is a new set of “rules” for how a Christian family should govern itself and I am wondering who wrote them. The Official Rulebook (a.k.a. The Bible) has no shade of gray. It is clear and evident on the role of women in the home and in society. I listen as Christian women sit in bible studies and declare the Bible to be alive and speaking to people. I hear the same old “Same yesterday, today, and forever,” and yet that only pertains to them when it is not stepping on their toes.

Having grown up in a Southern Baptist church, I can say with experience that most Baptist’s are quick to point the failings and theological downfalls of other denominations. I propose that more Christian women (Baptists included) start applying some of their judgement to themselves. “In the beginning was the word, and the word was God…” thus that same saying from previously would apply to the scripture. The role of woman applies the same today.

The root of the problem, some could defend, is the woman leaving the home for work. I disagree. I believe the root of the problem was Eve. From the beginning , woman (humans really) wanted the power of God. She believed Satan’s lies and convinced herself that the sin would result in greater reward. Today we call that “The end justifies the means.” Our Christian women have begun believing the things the world has sold them.

I am sick of having to defend my choice to be at home with my family. “But you are so close to finishing college..” “But you could be a little more comfortable and take vacations.” “You could have more adult conversation.” I just smile and nod. They are right I could have all these things. But all of these amongst many others I did not mention are not eternal.

If I could answer as I wanted to it would go like this….I choose to obey God. My calling is to be a wife and mother above all else. If I felt I could do my job as wife and mother with all diligence and excellance while working outside the home, I might would do so. As it stands, I can not be all things to all people. My calling is to be that for my family and so do so with love. I am not remorseful or woeful in my choices to be at home. I am investing my time and energy into children who will someday need to be Priests in their own homes.

We have become too accustomed to “me=isms.” God did not create us to think about ourselves. He created us to bring Glory to him. How can others see God’s glory in us when we look and act just like them.. It is time for Christian women to go back to the basics. Throw down the rotten fruit that the world and sadly some of our churches have handed you to eat… Pick up Bread of Life and Never go Hungry again!