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Christian response to the previous article..Warning to those easily offended August 27, 2008

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If you did not read my previous blog.. ENOUGH.. this will make no sense to you.  You may want to go backwards and read it first.. I was sent this article later in the evening.  I think it is a great and accurate response to the worlds cry for less children.  Again read the previous blog first.

Matthew 16:25, For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

Recently I read a phrase that captivated my attention. In his book Caesar and Christ, Will Durant states that one of the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire was that they sacrificed their civilization for the comforts of sterility.

Yes, there are comforts to sterility. No sleepless nights. No sacrifice. Freedom to pursue your career. Time for pleasure. Make more money. Get a bigger house, better car and higher status symbol.  But what’s the end result of chosen sterility? Sadness. Loneliness. Emptiness. And eventually the decline of a civilization.

Our culture, out of the church and in the church, is rooted in pleasure seeking. We are shallow. We are selfish. We want to do our own thing. But nothing comes of a fruitless vine. It is useless. Good for nothing. It doesn’t provide food or blessing for anyone.

This is not what life is all about. Life is sacrifice. In fact, you can’t have life without death. What did Jesus say in John 12: Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone, but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. When we live for ourselves, we lose our life. When we lay down our life in daily sacrifice we find it. This is an eternal law.

What is the opposite to the comforts of sterility? It would have to be the sacrifices of fertility. Yes, I have to concede that there are sacrifices to fertility. You will have to lay down your own life. You will have sleepless nights. You will have burdens to bear. But oh the joys! Oh the fruitfulness. Oh the rewards. You will reap the fruit of your labor and sacrifice. You will rejoice in godly offspring who will take God’s love and salvation to the nations of the world. You will fill the world with more of God’s light and truth because of the godly “arrows” you are daily sharpening and polishing.  Your life will not end in loneliness but you will be surrounded with children and grandchildren.

You are also part of building and prospering your nation. Every child you bring into the world is not only one life, but also the beginning of another dynasty. Every child you refuse to bring into the world is not only one life that is denied but also a whole dynasty that is lost to the world and the generations to come!

We are unknowingly driving down this road to destruction. The average number of children per family in USA is 1.8. The Moslem people are multiplying at an average of 6.8 per family and are overtaking the world. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today without evangelizing. By multiplying only.

Multiplying is the secret for taking dominion. We see this principle in the very first words that man ever heard from the mouth of God. We read in Genesis 1:28, God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion. We cannot take dominion unless we multiply. It’s just the way it is! If we want to take dominion for the kingdom of God on the earth, we must multiply. If we want our nation to continue too, we have to multiply. When we stop multiplying, we lose ground. We diminish. Eventually we disappear from the horizon.

God wants His people who belong to His kingdom to fill the earth with His salvation and glory. Our purpose is not to just hold the fort until Jesus comes, but to be invaders! We are the children of light, invading the darkness with the light of Jesus. We are truth bearers exposing the deceptions of this humanistic age. We are the rivers of the pure water of God’s throne, ministering life and healing to a sick and hurting world. We are dying to ourselves to bring forth much fruit. We are choosing and embracing life instead of death and filling the world with the godly seed. We are not here to retreat, but to subdue and invade.

This is what God’s people did when they were in Egypt. They became a threat to the Egyptians because they grew more and mightier than the Egyptians. Are we, the people of God, a threat to the humanists and the enemy’s camp today? We can be if we have the testimony of God’s people in Egypt who were fruitful, and increased abundantly, and multiplied, and waxed exceeding mighty; and the land was filled with them. Exodus 1:7-9, (Psalm 80:8-11).



Oh God, I am sorry that I have been deceived. I repent of my selfishness. I repent of holding back the godly seed. Please give me an invading mentality. Help me to see your purposes and vision. Please save me from my selfishness. Amen.


I am training and preparing an army of invaders who will fill the land with God’s salvation and truth.


ENOUGH!!!!! Now God’s creation is killing God’s creation???

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I realize that I have already blogged 2 times today. But I received this in an email and I am so angry that I need to vent this out on here. I am including the article I was sent. Please read the entire article! Christians need to know that the world is on the attack! They are far more concerned about the Earth and whales than they are about “The heritage of the Lord.” Wherever you stand on this issue, you should be afraid of any country where population is treated and thought of in this manner. Where do you think things like Eugenics began? Do you really believe another Hitler could not happen. Do you really believe we are safe from euthenasia. We are not! Reading this article should make everyone of us fall on our faces and cry out to our God to heal our nation and protect our families. At the end of the blog I will post some of God’s responses on this issue. I hope you take some time to let this really sink in.

When is a Big Family Too Big?

wowOwow.com is a party … disguised as a website. Created, run and written by 16 independent-minded women — including Candice Bergen, Liz Smith, Whoopi Goldberg, Peggy Noonan, Lesley Stahl and more — who have been talking to each other for decades. They now want you to join the conversation.

Angelina Jolie recently gave birth to twins, and she and Brad Pitt already have four other children. While many argue one-half a dozen children is more than a handful, one American family would say six is not enough.

If you haven’t heard their story yet: meet the Duggars. The family recently was ‘grateful’ to announce they are expecting their 18th child in January 2009. What are your thoughts on this? Is there a specific number that crosses the line from happy family to unhealthy nightmare? Or, is it to each their own and none of our business?

Whoopi Goldberg: I think it’s to each their own and none of our business. If people want to have 30 kids and can afford it, it’s none of our business. Some people are very wealthy, only have one child and that’s too much for them. Some people have 18 children and they have it together. Who is to judge?

Liz Smith: Doesn’t the number of children a family chooses to have fall under the “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” clause? Isn’t it a private matter, so long as a family can cope, care for and control in a healthy manner? I wouldn’t think of interfering with this important liberty, though I may have a personal point of view in that I doubt that 18 children are financially or emotionally feasible. And I am gung ho, personally, for Planned Parenthood and serious birth control. I don’t see these as religious or spiritual matters, but as important practicality and welfare issues.

As for Brad & Angelina — they are a dazzling exception in their adopting and birthing lots of diverse children “act.” They can afford it, God knows, and their multi-national family is an inspiration. Their money to charity is also a great lesson. But they hardly count in the realistic scheme of things.
My only caveat would be — when do Mommy and Daddy know there are too many kids for them to pay acute emotional attention to?

Also, I have never understood why nations want to keep the birth rate booming when the world is about to run out of food, water and sustainable climate. But they seem to want to. Natural disasters, wars and pandemics, however, do keep decimating populations and maybe in that horrible way, nature does take care of itself.

It just seems to me the ultimate responsibility of adults is to know, realize and make certain that they have a shot at really taking care of the number of children they bring into the world — and, to take some charitable responsibility for the huge numbers of children brought into that same world by other irresponsible people. We need to be worrying everyday about those needy little souls.

Joan Ganz Cooney: There’s nothing in the Western world that can be done to stop a family from having 18 children, or 10, or 5, or none. What alarms me is the much larger and more serious question of how large a population the earth can really support. For sure it cannot support a much larger population without straining the world’s resources to the breaking point. We simply don’t have enough water, food, energy and land to handle many more people without irrevocably harming the environment. Humans are taking over lands that used to feed animals in the wild and the population situation in Africa and other places is a terrible threat to the survival of many species. But we humans don’t seem to care about such matters so it’s on to having as many children as each family wants.

Jane Wagner: When is a big family too big? “When it’s dysfunctional.”

Lily Tomlin: I’ve seen it written in information about overpopulation that “People are a good thing. Overpopulation isn’t.”

Forget individual families. The human family is too big and getting bigger. There are too many of us humans on our planet and, unfortunately, even individually we are growing bigger. And the bigger the number and size, the more resources used and the more waste produced. We’re going to have to start polluting Mars or maybe shoot the waste into the sun and vaporize it. (Is that feasible? I may have just solved all our recycling challenges!)

There are too many of our family members already living lives of bare substance. We need a global effort to reduce population and to develop sustainable energy sources. The future of any human family depends on it. Maybe.

Sheila Nevins: Children are necessary to the perpetuation of the species. Not as trinkets and narcissistic expressions of self. During the early formation of America, children were needed to work in the fields, factories, and homes since the early death rate was high and large families would be decreased by natural attrition. In third world countries this may still be true. However in highly industrialized countries that have increasing survival rates, overpopulation is a serious issue and must be seen in an “Alive” scenario in light of scarcity of resources. The human species is consuming natural resources to the detriment of their very being. The fundamentalist religions’ ban on birth control is unconscionable. The one-child policy in China brutally limits individual behavior.

Thus the answers to population control fall back on individual responsibility to an over-production of the species. It is hard to see Mother Earth as a force to be reckoned with in daily living, as a living breathing endangered entity. Yet until we see the planet’s dire situation as individual responsibility — starvation, drought, and ultimate extinction seem inevitable as a result of overpopulation.

(In school, my zoology teacher, James Schooley, used to end every lecture with the word ‘Maybe’. I’ve always thought it was a smart thing to do when it comes to life.)

Mary Wells: The media suggests that people are in pain from what the shortages of resources do to them personally. But different countries have different awareness’s and attitudes and there are enlightened people in all countries. But we are running out of everything partly because we heedlessly build more golf courses and swimming pools than necessary, dirty our waters with just about everything, cut down productive trees without anything but selfish or commercial thought, ignore the environment of most animals and care little about their lives. The polar bear and the Orca whale are top of the line in the animal food chain and they are seriously endangered – we tend to think those animals are cute and want them to survive but seldom really think about what they do to balance world resources. We don’t care enough. We aren’t taught to care enough and we don’t teach our children to care enough. So the growth of the number of humans on earth is much greater than most of us focus on and the impact on resources has become misunderstood and a bore to people. I have a friend who will tell us what she and the groups she works with are doing about the essential and practical goal of moving to live on the moon in 20 to 40 years or less. And then on to other planets. They believe earth is “over.” They think it can not handle the vast number of people like us projected to populate earth in 10 years let alone 20 because of growing families. They have been working on a planet world for us to live on for a long time and it will require much more focus from us, much less self interest, but will be a much healthier place to live.

So as much I sympathize with people wanting children I think – for children’s sake – the time has come to put the limitations of our earth ahead of anything else and to wake up and join in the movements that are growing to learn how to live a new wide-awake way in a new environment aware that a lot of the disappearing earth wealth is disappearing because of each one of us. We could start with smaller families needing less of the earth’s resources. There are so many references to God’s displeasure with selfishness in the Bible – whatever God turns out to be – we should all be able to show a list of our unselfish choices that saved humans, animals and life of all kinds – and in this world at this time large families are selfish choices that are everybody’s business and everybody’s problem.

What God says about children…

Psalms 127: 2-5

2 In vain you rise early
and stay up late,
toiling for food to eat—
for he grants sleep to [a] those he loves.

3 Sons are a heritage from the LORD,
children a reward from him.

4 Like arrows in the hands of a warrior
are sons born in one’s youth.

5 Blessed is the man
whose quiver is full of them.
They will not be put to shame
when they contend with their enemies in the gate.

Proverbs 17:6
Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.

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Oh.. No.. It’s the “C” Word again! August 26, 2008

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So today I had an very long, interesting and convicting conversation with my best friend since child hood. She and I have been friends probably more than 25 years. We were raised in church together and spent countless time outside of church together. People in fact used to combine our names into one name to refer to us because we were always together. Since becoming adults, we have not spent a lot of time together. We always seemed to live in opposite places. But it definitely has always been the type of friendship that when you do meet up, it was like we never missed a day.

This year, the Lord has really blessed us in that we are once again in the same town (we still do not see one another because now we have children and never have the time). We speak very often though and God has really been using both of us in spurring each other to higher depths in him.

Now the good stuff.. Although we were raised in the same church with like -minded parents, she and I do often discuss our theological differences. We do not debate or argue but rather present our cases and try to see the other persons defense of their beliefs in a biblical context.

I consider myself a “reformed” Baptist. Some of you may not know what that means exactly. Some of you think.. “OH NO.. She is a Calvinist!.” I consider myself a depraved sinner saved by the Grace of a loving God. I do however believe and align myself with the tenants of the TULIP. But all this is not the premise for this blog.

Today,however, my cherished friend made a profound statement to me. If God has shown me these very true and real things about himself and made himself known to me in such a deeper way, why would I want to be only in a reformed church with the same type of people? At first I did not know where she was going with this. But it then became clear.

I was viewing it through the eyes of sitting under biblical preaching but what she saw was the lack of sharing this TRUTH with others. And now I am left to contemplate that… If we fall under an umbrella and stay only in our own dry and safe place how will we ever reach those who are wet? I guess deep down I was resting on the fact that God will open peoples hearts to the truth in his timing but once we have been confronted with it, aren’t we then accountable for it.

I am thankful for the Godly men and women God has placed in my life to push me closer daily to the cross. Men who have spurred me to dig deeper and to search out theology, doctrine, biblical context, expositional preaching and historical Christianity. I am thankful for allowing me, who deserves NOTHING the opportunity to know him at a different level. I am thankful for Godly women who have been an example of being a “Keeper of the Home”, taught me submission, and true biblical parenting. But today, I am thankful most for those cherished friendships that may to the average person seem so trivial but through consistency sometimes challenge us the most.

We grew up in a small Catholic town in a small Baptist church. She, preachers daughter and Me, Deacons Daughter, who for fun stole cookies out of the nursery. We did not have theologians for teachers who even people who knew a whole lot of discipleship but you will never find people who “loved Jesus” more than these folks.

Knowledge may be the new rave.. But relationship will beat it every time. So whether you are a Southern Baptist, a Reformed Baptist, or a “C” word, seek the relationship however it may be found. Study God and seek God… Sometimes the deepest theology can be found in the common places..

Thank you my friend for your honesty and your love. God ordained this friendship from the start and I am ecstatic about the growth in both our of lives and where he is taking us from here! Praise be to him alone.

P.S. This picture is not us.. And I do not have any of our childhood together.. And even if I did I would be too ashamed of the clothes to post it.. It was the 80’s after all.


I miss daddy

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Ok, you sappy people get some Kleenex for this one..LOL.

People often ask how is it that we can go through all these deployments.  I usually have some token answer for them and put my best Military Spouse smile on and give them a peek at my Super Woman costume.  I will not lie, it is very difficult to juggle everything and to be both mom and dad.  This is not new to us.. We are seasoned pros at this whole deployment thing and each time we experience something new and different.

God has been so faithful and blessed us with phenomenal Christian people who truly take care of us when my husband leaves.  I also do not know how those without Christ would be able to survive these multiple deployments. Christ is ONLY way I keep strong!

I can repair things I never wanted to learn how to repair.  I can move heavy items as well as professional movers.  I can fix a sink and toilet.  I can cut the yard, weed eat, and mow.  I can wash the car, vacuum it out, take it to the DMV, check all the fluids.  I can take care of all things military and all things home.  I can take care of all the finances (or lack thereof.LOL) all while still doing my normal “keeper of the home” duties.  But my chaos and juggling all come to a screeching halt when one of my children are sitting quietly and then say.. “Mommy, I miss daddy.”

There is no obstacle so great during a deployment than the emotional wounds of our children.  Having 2 boys, in my opinion, makes it more difficult.  They miss the “male bonding.”  I can see it when they are around other men in our lives and they crave that male stuff.  I can go over and beyond what I normally do for them but I am still not-daddy.  I can throw a ball with them, play soccer and rough house on the living room floor but… I am still not daddy.  Aaron, to some degree, understands what John does and why he does it.  Logan just knows that daddy is “Gone” as it puts it.

Military wives learn quickly how to fix and repair.  We learn how to manage a house as a single mother.  We have no other choice.. But I can not fix or repair the heart of my children.

I say all this to say, if you see a military person, they do not want your thanks.. But their children need them.  Make sure the kids know how special their Daddy is and how important he is to our country.

Of course everything in our home is a “teachable” moment.  I pray that I do an adequate job at being the example of relying on Christ for my strength.  I pray that they understand that although their Earthly father my not always be here.. Their heavenly father will never leave or forsake them!

2Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.3Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. (2Cor 1:2-4)


Throw out those bandaids.. August 25, 2008

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Well it is late at night.  I should be in bed getting my beauty rest.. I sure do need it.  I am waiting on my husband to call from Guam and I thought I would ramble some thoughts on here in the meantime.

Most of you know that we have recently been called of God to leave our church home.  I do not think even I realized the gravity of the hurt we experienced when we walked away.  Of course there were the differences in theology, the differences of opinion, the angry words and the bitterness that ensued but beyond all that I just felt “homeless.”

I do not think that in those moments, with those wonderful people, I truly realized how special our church family was.  This imperfect group of sinners that God drew to together under that roof became a family.  We held one another accountable, we spurred one another in growth.  We encouraged, loved, and supported one another.  If someone was out on any given service it was like there was a missing link.  No one had to work at loving each other.  We just did.

Walking away was a very clear calling for us.  We knew that God did not want us in a place where the Word of God would no longer be preached or be allowed to be preached in its entirety.  All the political and sinful drama is not pertinent so I will save you the time.  But we knew we could no longer be a part of that.  A good deal many of us walked away.

For over 2 months now we have been bandaging our wounds at different local churches.  Quick fixes to heal our broken hearts.  None of us aware of how deep our connections were and how painful this truly is.

For the past 2 weeks however, God has ordained for me to visit in a church where he has used this body to begin healing me.  There is no “perfect church” except the spotless bride when our Groom comes to get us.  I was not searching for one either.  But this church by simply being themselves and loving one another has restored my hope in finding a “family” once again.

I feel so blessed.  Most people are never find the fellowship and love that I had at my previous church and I am possibly finding it twice.  It may not be with the same people but it is with the same minded people.  God has grown me so much in a year.  I deserve nothing from him other than death, and yet he chooses to continue to bless me with fantastic Christian friendships.

The healing has begun.  I am throwing out the bandaids and attitude of quick fixes.  I am allowing my heart to open up to this new group and I am allowing God to use me however he will here for his Glory alone!


Media Madness August 22, 2008

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Ok, seriously people however did we get people to eat M & M’s before we used Sex to sell them! Am I the only person absolutely fed up with the extremes being used to sell a product.

We have a bible verse hanging on top of our tv which reads… “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes..” If we are going to follow that I should tape a new one on the bottom that reads therefore Do not turn on!

I really wanted to show you the newest M & M commercial but I could not find it anywhere.. I will instead show you one of the ones that started the sex sells candy. Seriously people I was perfectly fine with “melts in your mouth.. Not in your hand.”


Echoes of Sin

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Have you ever had one of those days where the sound of quarreling children echoes even into your sleep? These precious, beautiful children who used to cuddle and snuggle, giggle and laugh, climb on our laps and all those other cute childhood things have now turned into….. football players working on a defense strategy!!!

“Mine! Mine! Mine!” I advocate that anyone who has sat through a college philosophy class and endured the lectures on “Everyone Is Morally Good,” has spent absolutely no time with children. There is absolutely no question that the “Theory of Original Sin” exists… Augustine must have met my children. From the time this adorable beings are taken from the womb it is all about them. We are selfish from the start.

I love seeing the tired eyes of a new mother who has been up all night with a crying child. I love hearing people try to console her with words of encouragement like, “it will get better soon.” Sorry.. that is simply NOT true. As they get older, the sins get, if nothing else, LOUDER!

My children will wrestle to the death with bellows of anger for the one red crayon when there is a box full with other red crayons sitting right next to them. From the beginning, we are created to want what we want, when we want it, how we want it.

I am thankful for a Cross where the echoes of my sin were nailed as Jesus chose to take the Wrath for my sins. My number one goal above all else in raising my children is that they may be drawn to that very same cross. You may not be able to stop the burping and other noises that come from having boys but you can take to your knees and pray to the one who writes their game plan. Our Sovereign God has a plan for each of these children and although all we hear is the echoes of their sin, he sees past it all and sees their future fulfillment of his Glory!